ABV Tap House
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Bottles & Kegs


ABV has it’s own bottle-shop within the restaurant. All of our bottles can be opened and enjoyed at your table with plates of our our food, or purchased to go. With over 800 different beers and meads, we have something for everyone: from hand-selected Belgian beers to Northwest Double IPA’s, from sour ales to Imperial Stouts. We also stock over forty different varieties of honey mead, as well. Most importantly, our bottled beers are constantly refrigerated. Warm beer can degrade very quickly and most breweries hope that their beers are not stocked on warm retail shelves because quality beer will retain its quality only if kept under constant refrigeration. If you see unrefrigerated beer, there is a likelihood that it will not taste as it was meant to and you will be buying something degraded. We strive to sell the best beer in the Portland area, both in our hand-selected varieties and in our dedication to always-refrigerated stock.
Read this article for more information: http://bit.ly/1fnsNZg


We also fill growlers and grenades from many of our 34 taps. Please see our tap list for today's rotating options. You can bring in your own growler or purchase one of our’s for a small fee. We are conveniently located right off the freeway on the way to the Oregon Coast, so it is the perfect location to stop and fill up before your next beach trip!


We also sell and rent everything you need for your next take-home keg. We provide kegs to weddings, backyard barbecues, corporate events and personal home kegerators. Please go here for everything you need to know about our keg selection and availability.